Star Trek: Reliant – Kerrat – Loss of Medical Arms Incident Report

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Stardate 86XXXX.XX
USS Reliant
Incident Report

Incident – Loss of Ship-based mechanical manipulator arms

At Stardate 86XXXX.XX Oakley, an Exocomp with the official designation of EXO-2395-42e, arrived in
the bridge after successfully piloting a shuttle craft used by the away team to the USS Texas back to
the Reliant.

Oakley was alarmed making noises, blinking all sorts of lights and made indications towards the
manipulator arm controls. As chief engineer I went over to the arm manipulator console to perform
an inspection in which I realised that borg nanites had transferred onto the arms and were starting
to assimilate them.

As an immediate emergency response I triggered a detonation to forcefully remove the arms from
the ship so that Borg nanites would not be able to transfer from the manipulator arms to the hull of
the Reliant. If it was not for the actions of Oakley we would have remained unaware of the borg
nanite presence and would likely have resulted in those said nanites gaining a foot hold on the

My conclusion as to the cause of this situation is that those nanites were transferred directly from
the USS Texas when the Reliant used its manipulator arms to grab a hold of the Texas and perform a
small warp jump to avoid Klingon weapons fire. I take full responsibility for not taking pro-active
measures to account for the possibility of this occurrence and the threat that those nanites had to
the Reliant. It should have been an obvious outcome since the manipulator arms were in direct
contact with a ship that was being assimilated by the Borg.

Potential pro-active measures that could have been taken to mitigate the potential threat that borg
nanites could have faced to the ship:

  • Reduce length and intensity of any contact. Whether contact made by direct physical
    contact or through tractor beams.
  • Provide additional layers of barriers and separation between ship and anything that has
    been or is currently being assimilated.
  • Immediate check of all systems potentially in contact with anything that is, being, or could
    have been assimilated. Of special note Hull, Tractor beams, physical manipulators and
    shuttle craft.

Chief Engineer, USS Reliant

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