Introducing STO Peacemakers

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Star Trek Online Peacemakers follows the Allied Fleet Service’s Special Strategic Operations Division, under the command of Commodore Jomiah Drayton. A former starship captain until catastrophe forced him to make a heartbreaking command decision, Drayton did what many in Starfleet would consider unthinkable: He walked away from starship command. In 2411, following a brief stint at Starfleet Command, Commodore Drayton eventually accepted a higher-level role in the Khitomer Alliance, as the head of its new division charged with identifying and dealing with with brewing troubles on the periphery of known space before they escalate into major crises for the allied powers of the Four Quadrants.

Author’s notes

STO Peacemakers is a continuation of my STO Foundry mission canon, with stories set within the STO continuity, but which don’t necessarily revolve around combat or other STO game mechanics. This series will feature four types of content:

  • Mission stories: CYOA-style interactive stories that comprise the heart of the Peacemakers series, and draw the reader/player character into its narrative and major events. Each mission story will be faction-agnostic (i.e. characters from any in-game faction can “play” them) and roughly the length of a typical STO or Foundry mission, but there will also be multi-mission arcs to tell larger stories. (Note that there will only be limited story branching in these mission stories; the CYOA element will mainly be for dialogue options.)
  • Mission lore blogs: Traditionally formatted short stories, written as prologues, epilogues or supplementary material to provide additional layers of detail and background info for mission stories and arcs.
  • Character lore blogs: Also traditionally formatted short stories, meant mainly to introduce and develop Peacemakers’ major characters.
  • Memory Sigma: Entries written and formatted like encyclopedia entries or wiki pages (their name was inspired by the Memory Alpha wiki), to provide background information on characters, ships, locations, events and other mission story elements that likely wouldn’t otherwise get their own lore blogs. (Elements of my old Foundry missions may also get Memory Sigma entries, if I anticipate using them in future Peacemakers mission stories.)