Star Trek Online: Peacemakers

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STO Peacemakers is, in essence, a reboot of my Foundry mission canon, with stories set within the STO continuity, but which don’t necessarily revolve around combat or other STO game mechanics. This series will feature two types of stories: Traditionally formatted short stories, intended mainly to introduce and develop the series’s major characters; and CYOA-style interactive stories that comprise the heart of this series and draw the reader/player character into its major events.

STO Peacemakers follows Starfleet’s Special Strategic Operations Division, established in 2409 as an elite team of captains and their ships, under the command of Commodore Jomiah Drayton, and working closely with Starfleet Intelligence in order to identify and deal with brewing troubles on the Federation’s periphery before they escalate into major crises for the Federation and its allies.

Story schedule
(subject to change)

  • Season One (2409)
    • Short stories
      • Issue #1 – Breaking Hearts and Promises
      • Issue #2 – The State of 2409
      • Issue #3 – With Failing Hands
      • Issue #4 – The Dark Star
      • Issue #5 – Operation: Phantom
      • Issue #6 – Eternal Vigilance
      • Issue #7 – Title TBD [Pax Federatica-A launch ceremony]
    • Interactive stories
      • Valley of the Shadow [for Romulan Republic Navy characters]
  • Season Two (2410)
    • Short stories
      • Issue #TBD – Title TBD [Cha’vaQ intro story]
      • Issue #TBD – Try to Keep Up
      • Issue #TBD – Baptism of Fire
    • Interactive stories
      • Twilight of the Gods [for Klingon Defense Force characters]
      • The Ghost Offensive [for Starfleet characters]
      • The Hundredth [for Starfleet, KDF and Republic Navy characters]
  • Season Three (2411)
    • Short stories: TBD
    • Interactive stories
      • Usurpers [for Dominion/Jem’Hadar characters]
      • Total E.C.L.I.P.S.E. [for Starfleet characters]