Star Trek: Reliant – Bottle Dinner

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StarbaseUGC Presents Star Trek: Reliant
Star Trek: Reliant - Bottle Dinner

The rest of the Senior staff and some ancillary staff are invited to a dinner hosted by Ryk’tyr in which Saure Culture, food and general discussions are had. Announcements are had as the crew start to disperse for the evening.

2409, Issue #1: “Breaking Hearts and Promises”

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Every new beginningcomes from some other beginning’s end.Dan Wilson U.S.S. Pax Federatica (NCC-89471)Orbiting New RomulusStardate 86479.2Concurrent with STO mission “Taris”and upcoming Peacemakers interactive story “Valley of the Shadow” “Attention, all hands – this is the captain. Abandon ship. Repeat – … Continued