Introducing STO Peacemakers

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Star Trek Online Peacemakers follows Starfleet’s Special Strategic Operations Division, under the command of Commodore Jomiah Drayton. A former starship captain until catastrophe forced him to make a heartbreaking command decision, Drayton did what many in Starfleet would consider unthinkable: He walked away from starship command, to accept a higher-level role as the head of Starfleet’s new vanguard, charged with identifying and dealing with with brewing troubles on the periphery of known space before they escalate into major crises for the Federation and its allies.

As it grows, Spec Strat Ops will also take in ships and crews from the Federation’s allies in the Romulan Republic, and eventually the Klingon Empire and the Dominion of the Gamma Quadrant – as well as intelligence, combat and temporal specialists to support its missions. And in special interactive stories, you, the reader will even have the opportunity to work with this elite new division. Do you have what it takes to be a Peacemaker?

Author’s note

STO Peacemakers is a reboot of my Foundry mission canon, with stories set within the STO continuity, but which don’t necessarily revolve around combat or other STO game mechanics. This series will feature two types of stories: Traditionally formatted short stories, intended mainly to introduce and develop the series’s major characters; and CYOA-style interactive stories that comprise the heart of this series and draw the reader/player character into its major events.

The characters of STO Peacemakers are based on my in-game characters (player captains and bridge officers) as well as characters from my Foundry missions. Note that a few of these characters have ties to a certain other fictional universe; while I may occasionally reference that universe for character development purposes, don’t expect any full-fledged crossover stories.