2409, Issue #2: “The State of 2409”

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Historical note

This communiqué was sent to the Office of the President of the United Federation of Planets on stardate 86903.4, between the events of Star Trek Online missions “Sphere of Influence” and “A Step Between Stars”, and approximately five months after the events of STO Peacemakers story “Breaking Hearts and Promises”.


From: Adm. Chakotay
Commanding officer, Starfleet Intelligence

To: Aennik Okeg
President of the United Federation of Planets

CC: Comm. Jomiah Drayton
Commanding officer, Starfleet Special Strategic Operations

Stardate: 86903.4

Dear Mr. President:

Pursuant to Starfleet General Order Eight, concerning periodic intelligence briefings by Starfleet to the UFP President, attached is a high-level assessment of the state of the Federation’s sphere of influence and how it has evolved over the past standard year. Furthermore, pursuant to Executive Order 303855, issued by you on stardate 86732.8, this report has also been issued to the commanding officer of Spec Strat Ops, Commodore Drayton.

The following is a summary of said report, organized by region. All information contained within both documents is classified. As per the aforementioned Executive Order, Comm. Drayton is authorized to disclose said information to officers and crew under his command only, and on a need-to-know basis only.


Federation interior: See previous Intelligence report, issued on Stardate 86834.7, concerning possible Undine infiltration of Starfleet and/or the UFP government. The attached report contains a summary of those findings, but no new information concerning this threat. There have, however, been new developments involving Undine activity elsewhere in the Beta Quadrant; see the Klingon Empire section below.

Apart from the Undine, there is unsettling activity ongoing within the so-called Briar Patch region. Starfleet Intelligence has learned that a splinter faction of Son’a, possibly descended from the faction that allied with the Dominion during that war, have established a base of operations in the Briar Patch. Though there are no indications that these Son’a intend to reconquer the Ba’ku settlement there, the specific nature of their activities remains shrouded in rumors, which run the gamut from an alliance with the disgraced Klingon House Torg to ongoing experiments being conducted on Jem’Hadar left behind after the Dominion War. These suggest that the Son’a’s intentions, whatever they may be, are less than peaceful.

Klingon Empire: Though tensions with the Klingons remain high, two factors have significantly reduced the immediate threat of escalation into open warfare. First, the re-emergence of the Borg Collective (see below) as a menace to both the Federation and the Empire has forced both parties to redeploy and, in the case of Task Force Omega, combine their resources and efforts against the Borg.

Furthermore, Starfleet’s recent encounters with the Undine have shed valuable light upon their ongoing incursions into the Beta Quadrant, which have been the main driver of Federation-Klingon conflict over the past standard decade. Like the Founders of the Dominion, the Undine have proven highly adept at using their morphogenic abilities to infiltrate and manipulate both parties into this conflict. Ironically, however, it appears that the Undine themselves have been manipulated into doing so, and in a similar fashion, via a series of false-flag incursions into their fluidic-space domain. Admiral Tuvok’s account of one such incident witnessed by Starfleet suggests the long-dormant Iconians may have been responsible – a troubling revelation in itself. In any case, the exposure of the truth behind the Undine incursions robs them of much of their power to further destabilize relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

The proverbial joker in this deck is the rumored resurrection of Klingon House Mo’kai. The Mo’kai were reportedly wiped out in a blood feud in FSY 2389, but some Intelligence sources within the Empire now claim there are survivors who have secretly begun to rebuild that House. Curiously, these sources also claim the latter-day Mo’kai are led by one J’Ula – their matriarch during the Klingon-Federation war of the mid-23rd century, who vanished following the Battle at Starbase One. More likely, this new Mo’kai leader merely shares the name of her infamous predecessor. Regardless, House Mo’kai’s return, if true, would introduce an unstable and unpredictable element into Klingon politics – and by extension, to their relations with the Federation and the other major powers of Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Romulan Republic/Romulan Star Empire: Though the Star Empire has not yet been formally dissolved, the events of the past year have made clear that it has been supplanted by the new Republic as the state of allegiance for the overwhelming majority of the Romulan people, along with virtually all Remans. Obviously, this is a welcome development, not only for the Federation’s own interests, but for the sake of peace and stability in the Beta Quadrant. Having alliances with both the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and now taking a central role in the Solanae Dyson Sphere project, the Romulan Republic may hold the key to not only continued cooperation between the rival powers, but perhaps an eventual formal renewal of the Khitomer Accords as well.

That said, despite being greatly diminished from the height of its power, and possibly splintered into factions following the loss of Empress Sela, what remains of the Star Empire is not to be taken lightly. Of particular concern is its thalaron weaponry, some of which may have been abandoned in the wake of the Empire’s collapse and then appropriated by unknown parties. Components of a satellite-based thalaron weapon, designed by the Tal Shiar to sterilize a planet from orbit, are believed to be stored at the Empire’s Bironex Depot, but the uncertain state of that facility’s security raises grave concerns that the components could be stolen or diverted at any time – if they haven’t already.

On a more positive note, the people of Nivay IV – who narrowly avoided becoming the first victims of the Tal Shiar’s thalaron weapon – have wasted little time in beginning to recover from over sixty years under the boots of the Star Empire. Though tensions remain high among their political factions, the humanitarian aid and peacekeeping support provided by Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force and the Romulan Republic Militia have alleviated Nivayan suffering that might otherwise have pushed those tensions toward civil war. This has allowed the caretaker government to focus on rebuilding Nivay IV’s civil society and economy. Though the Nivayans presently have no goods of their own to export, their homeworld’s proximity to all three of the Beta Quadrant’s major powers gives it great potential as a major hub for commerce throughout the quadrant.

Cardassian Union/True Way: The exposure of former True Way leader Gul Kardek as a wayward Changeling has not led to the Cardassian revanchist movement’s decline, as many within the Union had hoped. Instead, the True Way have reorganized and redeployed their forces under their new leader, Gul Gavet. Intelligence has confirmed reports that the True Way, under Gavet, have taken over, dismantled, deorbited, and partially reassembled the long-abandoned station Peldok Nor on the otherwise barren former mining planet Leneka V, where it now serves as their headquarters.

Cardassia’s Detapa Council is aware of this development, but sharply divided on how to respond. Its largest bloc favors a swift and overwhelming decapitation strike in hopes of ending the True Way for good, but is presently outnumbered on the Council by an antiwar coalition of pragmatists fearful of escalating the conflict, and pacifists not eager to see democratic Cardassia stoop to the militaristic ways of its predecessor (and of the True Way themselves). 

“Mirror Universe”/Terran Empire: In the wake of the Badlands incident earlier this year, the Terran Empire have stepped up their efforts to establish a beachhead in our reality there, in spite of the numerous hazards existent within that region of the Alpha Quadrant. Meanwhile one of our contacts in the Romulan Republic, Obisek, has reported incursions by Terran scout forces at Vauthil Station. While it remains unclear why the Terrans are so interested in Vauthil – and while, in any event, those incursions have thus far yet to escalate to a full-scale invasion comparable to their efforts in the Badlands – this new Terran activity in our reality suggests that their Empire may have reached the practical limits of their expansion in their native reality, the so-called “Mirror Universe”.

This Terran activity has also led to a curious new development. There have been numerous reports of captured Terran soldiers speaking of a secret society purported to be the real power behind the Terran Empire, but which has managed to conceal its existence, even from the reigning Emperors themselves, since at least the Empire’s reconstitution in the late 24th century. One defector even claimed that this secret society somehow arranged Terran Fleet Admiral Leeta’s possession by a Bajoran Pah-wraith, in the mistaken belief that they would be able to control the entity afterward. None of the surviving defectors have provided sufficient evidence to substantiate their claims, however; nor has Intelligence been able to do so independently. Investigations to that end remain ongoing, but have been deemed a low priority for the time being.

Gamma Quadrant/Dominion: Although the resolution to the recent Dominion occupation crisis at Deep Space Nine has raised hopes for more normalized Federation-Dominion relations in the future, its aftermath has also raised some unanswered questions.

DS9’s commanding officer, Captain James Kurland, reported that at least one of the remaining Dominion ships did not return to the Gamma Quadrant with the others. Instead, she headed for the Orias system, deeper within the Alpha Quadrant. At the time, she was believed to have been sent there as an attempt to contact the so-called “New Link” of Changelings recently discovered on Orias III. However, the ship never returned from Orias, and remains unaccounted for as of this date.

Though a single Jem’Hadar vessel dating back to the Dominion War era is unlikely to pose a significant threat on her own, her unknown purpose in the Alpha Quadrant is cause for concern. Starfleet patrols throughout the region have been ordered, and the Cardassian Union strongly advised, to keep an eye out.

Alpha Quadrant frontier: For the time being at least, the Breen Confederacy appears to have lost interest in the recently discovered Preserver archive on Lae’nas III. Given reports from the Starfleet personnel on the scene of Thot Trel’s profound disappointment that the archive’s information couldn’t be readily weaponized, this development is not unexpected, and certainly not unwelcome.

More unexpected, and less welcome, are recent Intelligence reports from Tzenketh III. A new faction, led by one Admiral Tzen-Tarrak, has emerged within the Tzenkethi Coalition, with a singular agenda: The total eradication of an entity known only as the Drantzuli. Though the nature of the Drantzuli remains unknown to Intelligence, the rhetoric employed by Tzen-Tarrak suggests a weaker species being targeted for genocide.

Apart from its clearly disturbing nature, this was an unexpected move on Tzen-Tarrak’s part. The Admiral has long been noted for his paranoia and xenophobia, but until now has not shown any inclination toward either such naked aggression, or getting directly involved in Tzenkethi politics. Fortunately, in any case, the incumbent Autarch remains skeptical of Tzen-Tarrak’s claims against the Drantzuli, and rightly wary of a course of action that would antagonize the Federation. Nonetheless, Intelligence continues to monitor the situation closely.

Beta Quadrant frontier/Borg Collective: Though the loss of the Vega colony earlier this year raised fears of a full-scale Borg invasion into the heart of the Federation, as of this date such a threat has not materialized. The Borg have instead focused their activity on a handful of systems along the Beta Quadrant frontier, where they have been engaged by the aforementioned Task Force Omega.

Interestingly, early field reports from the task force suggest that the Collective’s most fearsome quality – their adaptability – is not what it once was. Although the Borg can still analyze and adapt their drones’ shielding to energy weapon frequencies in ground combat, their ships seem to have lost that ability. Furthermore, it seems that Borg adaptability no longer applies to enemy tactics: The task force soon discovered that they are able to repeatedly reuse tactics from prior engagements without causing the Borg to adjust theirs in response. Simply put, the Borg have become remarkably predictable in combat. (There are several theories among the task force as to why this is the case. Mine is that the Collective’s hive mind still has not fully recovered from the crippling blow dealt them by then-Captain Janeway and the U.S.S. Voyager in FSY 2377. Admittedly, I may be a bit biased when it comes to that particular ship and captain.)

Solanae Dyson Sphere/Voth: Though the Romulan Republic Militia has taken point for Dyson Joint Command, for the time being Starfleet and the KDF continue to supply most of its muscle. That should change, however, as the Republic Militia continues to build and diversify its fleet.

At this point, all DJC has been able to determine in its investigations is that the Solanae Dyson Sphere is hundreds of thousands of years old, and was built either by the Iconians themselves, or for the Iconians by one of their servitor species, as a factory for Omega particles. It remains unknown why the sphere was abandoned, what the particles were used for, and why the Voth are so keen to harvest them now. However, Subcommander Kaol has reported that one of the captains supporting DJC efforts has made contact with a rogue Voth scientist claiming to have inside information on the Voth operation. The information he’s provided so far has checked out; hopefully he can help us solve the sphere’s mysteries and determine next steps.

As ever, there remain no shortage of enemies or threats to the safety and security of the Federation, and of Alpha and Beta Quadrants at large. As so often happens, many of them have emerged from the remnants of crises past, and any one or more of them could quickly escalate and plunge the Federation into conflicts we don’t need. That said, some of these threats are more urgent than others, and now Starfleet has Spec Strat Ops to handle those deemed by yourself and Starfleet Command to be of secondary priority. Of course, Starfleet Intelligence will continue to gather information on all of these matters, so that you are prepared to best prioritize them, and so that Command and Spec Strat Ops are best prepared to handle them.


Adm. Chakotay
Starfleet Intelligence


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