Star Trek: Reliant – Klingon War Stories – Kerrat

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StarbaseUGC Presents Star Trek: Reliant
Star Trek: Reliant - Klingon War Stories - Kerrat

The crew of the USS Reliant head to K7 to be briefed about the Kerrat System. The Klingon war has lead to the Kerrat System becoming a battle ground but when the Borg arrived and started to establish a unimatrix within the system that’s when things really started to heat up there.

The Reliant receives additional staff and new orders to act as Search and Recovery for this flashpoint system. What will they find when they arrive? and how will they cope with this rather dangerous environment they find themselves in.

PS: Spoiler warning for an image included as a map referenced during the show. Details are available during the show.

Map of federation starship with red circle indicating something happened to the foreward section of the saucer.

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