Star Trek: Reliant – Mayhem on Risa.

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StarbaseUGC Presents Star Trek: Reliant
Star Trek: Reliant - Mayhem on Risa.

Dr. Eli O’Connor had his ultimate Lando moment, waltzing into a high stakes poker game, and walking out with cash and perhaps a new ship? Kara and Larissa help Haasra test a new business, and got /REALLY/ drunk. Quentin Reynolds and Alenis Kendra, Security went out and did fun tourist stuff and science, despite Quentin being grumpy about not reading. Ryk’tyr,got to have fun building castles and scouting the next generation of Starfleet engineers. Tardi opened diplomatic channels with the crabs while Chaplain Whateley got a contact high on everyone being so damn cheerful on Risa.

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