Title: The Return to Terra Nova – A Diplomacy Mission

  • Project ID:  ST-HDGWMWRKK
  • Level: Any
  • Location: Earth Space Dock, lower level
  • Faction: Federation
  • Type: Diplomacy


You are ordered to make contact with the 25th-century inhabitants of Terra Nova, a planet once visited by Capt. Jonathan Archer’s NX-01.  Discover what remains of Earth’s first colony on another world.

Note: This is a purely diplomatic mission with no combat and many walls-o-text.


User Reviews:

Krasynkot: Really nice, treklike mission.  That’s what I hoped for by playing STO.

Sir_Mars: Wooow, this was good.

KineticImpulser: Very good mission. Excellent story, well told.  I’m a sucker for plots drawn from canon sources.

BlueKnightOne: Well done in making Star Trek Online feel a little more Trek-ish.

Bazag: A great diplomatic touch stone mission with far reaching consequences.  Good Job.