Episode 1 is soon to launch on the live server, so here’s a little teaser!


Author: @Crystyll

Language: English

Allegiance: Starfleet

Level: 31+

Runtime: 45mins – 1hr

Start point: Badlands


Welcome to the first instalment of the new ‘Order of Midnight’ Series! Whilst this is a story driven – dialogue heavy – RP mission: it hs been designed so you can play it in more than one way. so IF you have access to ToS period uniforms and want to play this as full RP, it is recommended you make a set available ready to equip to you and your away team during the mission.

The story begins as you receive an encrypted transmission from an Admiral who just so happens to share a name with someone you once knew very well.

For those of you who haven’t guessed yet, this is a rework of the ‘Order of Midnight’ ficiton series based out of SWTOR – rewritten as a Star Trek story.