Mission Name:The Improbable Bulk
Minimum Level: 31+
Allegiance: Federation
Estimated Mission Length: 1 hour

Moderate Ground
Moderate Space Combat
Moderate Dialogue

Jeremy Jammer is one of the foremost researchers of Bioengineering in the Federation and has been working on ways to improve the physical abilities of Starfleet’s finest. A recent breakthrough has impressed his overseer enough that Starfleet itself has been invited to get a first hand look at the results.

Unfortunately for Jammer not everything works out as he’d like which causes some …big…problems. It’ll take an intrepid crew and a trip to the Badlands before his bulky adventure is over.


Hylar – 5/5

“…What was expected to be cheesy was well written and executed, and a surprisingly good Trek fit. Brilliant.”

kortaag – 5/5

“Immensely funny with irresistable laughter the entire way!”

BorrowedTune – 5/5

“Fun and enjoyable mission. Nice maps. Amusing story. Entertaining battles. Excellent use of foundry techniques and sfx. Captain’s Log – Supplemental: Stay for the credits.”