It’s been a long time without new posts! But with the new influx of missions on the official forums, this post will cover the last few months of new missions posted there!

Starfleet Missions

“Uncharted Worlds 4”
by @patcrow
Any Level

In this mission, you are asked to investigate an unexplored star system in the process of forming and a mystery rogue planet which doesn’t belong. What is this planet and where did it come from?



“Attention to Orders”
by @yellowsunwarror
Any Level

Starfleet tradition dictates that a Captain attend the commissioning ceremony of any new ship they are to command. An old friend will be facilitating the commissioning of your latest starship, but old friends sometimes open old wounds.



“In the name of the People”
By @evil70th
Level 16+

You and the valiant crew of your ship saved the New Montgomery colony from certain annihilation. The outbreak that turned the colonists into violent creatures was just a prelude to what appears to be the early stages of a threat to the Federation from within.



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by @midnighttlc
Level 41+

Your mission is to apprehend Mirror Admiral Aaron at all costs and discover who or what is pulling the strings behind this nightmare inducing mission.



“Deus In Machina”
by @Thomas_Baston
Level 46+

The U.S.S. Ophion has gone missing on a xenological survey in the Hromi Cluster. Can you find her? And What will you find when you do?



“Omnitabula: Threshold”
by @starfarertheta
Level 51+

The informally self-labeled Task Force Impromptu is now effectively distanced from any help within the Deadzone. With no way out for the next decade, only one mission remains: finding Xausea, the homeworld whence the Omnitabula was made. There lies a potential wealth of knowledge the equal of the Preserver Archives, and a small hope of a way home.



“A Past Forgotten”
by @Gromio
Level 50+

An ancient terror waits in the darkness of space, long ago passing into legends and myth… Now when your allies call for aid, you will discover that darkest of secrets, are not meant to be lost. From the shadows a new; yet familiar foe has set their schemes into motion; searching for a power they believe would make them invincible.



Klingon Missions

None this time.




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