As I missed last week, this post will cover from May 19th.

The last few weeks highlights the following new missions for Star Trek Online:


Starfleet Missions

“Operation Loose Ends”

by @Sierra078

Level 21+

Take part in a joint taskforce with orders to eliminate the last of the Tal Shiar and True Way Alliance. You’ll be assaulting systems across Romulan and Cardassian space. Be aware however, as scouts have spotted Orion, Nausicaan and Hirogen ships working with the Tal Shiar.


“Summit at Alhena”

by @Solauri

Any Level

You have volunteered to escort Ambassador Jennifer Kyle to the Alhena Refueling Station at Alhena in the Donatu Sector. What starts as a simple escort mission ends up turning into a trip which not only puts the Ambassador in danger but threatens the life of your entire crew.


“Time for Tribble Troubles”

by @jezaleigha

Any Level

It’s your chance to join the DS9 and TOS characters in their classic adventures. The last son of the disgraced House of Darvin has gone back in time to help Arne Darvin (“The Trouble with Tribbles”; “Trials and Tribble-ations”) assassinate James Kirk in 2267. Save the timeline!



Klingon Missions

None this time.


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