As I missed last week, this post will cover from May 19th.

The last few weeks highlights the following new missions for Star Trek Online:


Starfleet Missions

“Homage to Galris”

by @joe_king

Any Level

As the war with the Klingons wages on, you and your gallant crew are called to Risa to investigate an incident aboard the U.S.S. Missouri. The Missouri was escorting the Andorian and Galrisian ambassadors to a trade conference between member and non-member worlds.

“Scars of the Pride, Part 4: Evolution of Evil”

by @ashkrik23

Any Level

With the destruction of her toxin facility at the Wamesahau system, I’Zira has launched a full invasion on the planet of Bajor to test her new toxin. You must take back Deep Space Nine and the planetary defense satelites with General Karopov’s assistance. Should you fail, an entire civilization will be lost and along with it, possibly many more.

“Shadows of Methuselah”

by @helixfungus

Level 50+

A long forgotten Star Trek classic guest reappear in this mission. In his last words to captain James T. Kirk he promised to study ways to ease human condition but since then nodoby knew anything more about him… If you play this mission you will peek at Flint of TOS episode “Requiem for Methuselah” , and what he created after the encounter with the classic NCC – 1701…

Klingon Missions

None this time.


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