Two leaders of a Starfleet Academy funded archeological expedition have uncovered evidence of a previously undiscovered alien civilization on a Reunificationist colony world, but their inability to cooperate sends you on a mission of diplomacy. However, do more mysteries lie just below the surface?

This was technically the second Foundry mission I ever built, while the Foundry was still in beta on Tribble. I believe Filbones even reviewed the original version for StarbaseUGC here —

Unfortunately the Foundry was wiped on Tribble before I could port this mention in its entirity, so what remained was a handful of maps, costumes, and dilaogue boxes. I decided this was for the best — I would remake Monolith to be better than it ever was on Tribble, but it would take the Foundry to acquire some improvements … one of which was triggers, and another was only recently added — Tholian NPC Contacts.

While the original version featured a Vulcan and Tellarite archaeologist along with Romulan and Breen forces fighting over Preserver technology, I wanted to better explain the crystalline structures and place the mission more in line with “modern” story elements of Star Trek Online such as the Romulan Republic. To do this, I changed Saeril to be a Reunificationist colony world, and also replaced the Breen mob group with a different species. This also helped me explore two different A Plot and B plot ideas.

I hope they strike a cord with you and that you like the characters. Please play the mission and leave a review. 🙂