Author: @Altexist
Project ID: ST-HB533H8KT
Mission Faction: Federation
Mission Type: Space & Ground
Mission Location: the Xleen System in the Argelius Sector

Mission Description:
When you discover a planet on the verge of an ecological disaster, will you be able to save the inhabitants in time at the risk of breaking the Prime Directive and dragging the Federation into another conflict?

Xleen V in the Argelius Sector is home to a pre-industrial society called the Maylens. They have been under the study of an anthropology research team from the Vulcan Academy of Science for the past six months. The research team is due for resupply.
You, are ordered to the outpost on Xleen V to resupply the team and report any significant findings by the research team.


Trailer created by chaddy18