Full Title: The Lost Fleet of the Valkyrie, Episode 1: Relapse

Faction: Starfleet

Author: Gingie

Level: Any

Project ID: ST-HH3QNN7AU

Starting System: Vesper, Psi Canis Sector block



Fleet Admiral Jennifer Wilcott has asked for your help. One of her ships has failed to report in on patrol near the Klingon border. But things are never what they seem and the missing ship, the USS Forsythe, is in far more danger than anyone can imagine.

Find the USS Forsythe and discover the terrible secret of the Lost Fleet before Klingons destroy them all

“Relapse often played like a fanfic made flesh, with over-the-top characterization and a sexy all female fleet. But even as i rolled my eyes, I enjoyed this mission, the twists were often well delivered.”


The best community authorized mission I have played so far. Great storyline, combat was challenging but not overly so, good blend of space and ground aspects.


I was not expecting that, Brilliant!



This Mission was very refreshing, not just another carbon copy of stories already done to death. Thank you for your hard work, keep them coming.



This was my first published attempt at a foundry mission. It was quite a learning experience and overall I am very happy with it.

The most difficult part was reconciling my imagination with the limitations of the Foundry editor. Still I did my best to keep the character involved by adopting a kind of, ‘present but out of sight’ aspect with the storytelling NPCs.

My favorite feature was the custom built aux control. I took one of the open area maps and started by filling in the walls, a few consoles and the large rising in the back. Its rudimentary but I like it none the less.