Star Trek: Regulus

Regulus Title

Name: Star Trek: Regulus – S01E01
Author: Irwin109
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: Any Level
Starting System: Briar Patch, Regulus Sector Block

Trailer: [youtube]
Synopsis: Foresight is the first episode of Regulus, the builder, it introduces some of the characters and groups you will get to know over the series plus the central area in the Regulus Sector Block in which the story takes place. Without essentially writing down what happens in the episode you are sent to aid a planet that has been under attack from pirates but what you find is something more disturbing and you will, hopefully, feel compelled to discover the truth.

Author’s Notes: After working on episodes for the SRS Saga for so long I felt I needed a fresh start and a new idea, that’s where Regulus came in, hopefully this series will have more of a constant level of development whereas some episodes of the SRS Saga I felt I was pushing out just to get to other episodes I had planned, this series I have a loose overall plan but with starting a new I can better judge when to introduce certain elements. Considering this as a pilot I will probably get the bulk of the next 5 episodes down before beginning to release trailers and posts about them as well as releasing the missions them selves.