The Longing (Remastered)

After a week of testing and crowd sourced spell-checking, I re-release the classic Foundry Spotlight mission “The Longing”. I’m humbled by the feedback and reviews the original mission received. So, those of you who know the original mission will notice some enhancements and changes. These are based on what I personally liked and disliked about the mission, but also the reviews by PodcastUGC, PriorityOne, and player comments.

Here comes the trailer:


  • Vimeo (logged in members can download video)
  • YouTube (provides 1080p version)

Mission outline:

  • Duration: ca. 45-60 min
  • Language: English
  • Gameplay:
    • Dialog: 40%
    • Combat: 30%
    • Puzzles: 20%
    • Optional/exploration: 10%
  • Level: 41+
  • Start: Noro System, Gamma Orionis Sector Block
  • Critters: Borg (ground & space)

Disclaimer: As many of you know by now, I’m not a native English speaker. Therefore, my huge thanks and gratitude to KineticImpulser, DaveJL_99, Galactrix, and mygod_itsfullofstars for proofreading the mission script and smoothing grammar and spelling. Still, there may be some minor mistakes in the dialog. If you find anything, please let me know. I want to provide players with an enjoyable experience, and language related annoyances simply break immersion.

Again, I’m humbled by the support of the community and your willingness to help. I hope this new version of “The Longing” makes for a rewarding experience and repays a bit of the kindness I was privileged to experience since the release of the original mission. Thank you all.

Have fun & regards,

Although I thought long and hard about changing it, the mission will still bring you to “your” bridge, and it still will be a Galaxy class variant due to Foundry limitations. Sorry, no battle bridge, not another ship, it is supposed to be your captain’s chair that is at stake. I hope the excitement balances out the lack of immersion.