The last few weeks highlights the following new missions for Star Trek Online:


Starfleet Missions


“Orders – Part III”

by @RogueEnterprise

Level 50+

Play the epic conclusion to the Orders trilogy, as you attempt to bring the perpetrators of the tragic occurrences on the forbidden world of Terlara to justice.


“Rescue 102”

by @rellimtime82

Level 31+

Peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire is on the horizon, so is the possibility of death. With the rescue of Commander Heart and Ambassador Fe’reth, the conference continues as scheduled. Will the peace conference go without a hitch; or will opposing forces bring the conference to a hault?



by @wildkazoo

Level 41+

Your success with recovering the data from Starbase 82 in Foothold has brought you to the attention of Admiral Boatwright. He is calling on you to venture into a system laden with mysterious temporal anomalies and rescue the crews of two missing starships. What is to be found in the Maro System? What dangers lurk in a system fraught with time?


“Nova Roma”

by @SirBoulevard

Level unknown

Sela is missing. Hakeev is dead. The Republic has risen and the Star Empire is falling. Deliver the death blow to the Empire alongside the Republic’s best and brightest and end the tyranny of the Tal Shiar.


“Nova Core Exploration”

by @akurie

Level unknown


“The Covenant Parts 1 & 2”

by @logitech007

Level 31+


“Explore Delta Volanis 4171C”

by @rekuzion

Level 31+

This is meant as an exploration cluster mission with a little more oopmph than what Cryptic gave us in the past.


“Exploration: Delta Volanis One”

by @hippiejohn
Any Level
Meant as a very, simple exploration type mission in the style of old Genesis missions.

Klingon Missions


None this time.


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