• Author: Etherghost
  • Location: Kalestra System, Zeta Andromedae
  • Requirements: Federation, Level 31+
  • Foundry #: ST-HSNTM5JGL


Summary: Starfleet’s newest prototype warship, USS Evangeline, has gone missing while on her shakedown cruise in the Zenas Expanse.  It’s up to you and your crew to return her to safety.This is a story-driven, roleplaying mission.  There is an emphasis on dialog with a small number of challenging combat encounters.

Notes: The story of Evangeline was something I came up with and ran as the first roleplay event for my fleet back in March 2010 (in fact, the image at the top is from then).   With no Foundry to use I spent roughly 4 hours taking exploration missions and searching for ones with the perfect mixture of environment, enemies and mission objectives to build my story around.   The legacy of that origin still shows in the mission as it stands today – there are quite a few map changes and if you look closely you can still see the evidence of the basic ‘scan 5/5 ships for the XYZ government’ mission I’d originally used to replicate searching the battlefield for the missing ship.

I also used this mission to actually learn the Foundry on.  I had no experimental projects, no test maps, really nothing at all.  I started Evangeline with no idea what to expect and, more often than not, ran into what I couldn’t do rather than what I could.  Still, I think it turned out pretty well.  I hope that you’ll enjoy playing it.  I’m definitely looking forward to creating more.