After several months of work and long hours, in between my mission reviews, here is my latest mission.

 Mission Title: Do no harm

Author: Evil70th


Allegiance: Federation

Level: Any

Description: While on a routine mission cataloging planetary systems for potential settlement your ship is redirected to investigate an incident at the New Montgomery colony. A report from the chief medical officer for the colony indicates the spread of a virus that once it infects a colonist they turn violent. The infected colonist attack non-infected colonists in brutal attacks, further spreading the outbreak. All communications with the colony have been cut off at the source. You and your crew must come to the rescue of the colonists before it is too late.


Authors Notes:

Heavy story dialogue with optional combat and dialogue summary available.

Estimate length: 90 to 120 minutes with full dialog.  45 to 60 with “Skip Dialogue”.

I hope you enjoy the mission and I look forward to your comments. 🙂

Thanks Brian