Mission name: The Spirits of Ramok Nor

Author: alimac30

Project ID: ST-HI8UI4BLS

Faction: Federation

Level: Any level

Duration: Approx. 1 hour


Spirits are haunting an old Cardassian-built medical facility on Bajor. The terrified patients and staff fear the apparitions are the tormented souls of Bajorans tortured and killed at the facility during the Occupation. With the pain of Cardassian atrocities still raw after 50 years, Kai Kira has asked Starfleet to investigate…


  • This is NOT a Devidian mission
  • Intended to be single-player
  • Takes around an hour
  • Much more of an investigation than a shoot-’em-up

Quotes from feedback received so far:

“Best mission I have played yet. The environments alone are just outstanding… 6 stars!” — @Captain_Revo

“Umm, wow! That played out just like an episode of Star Trek. Absolutely outstanding mission! Unbelievably good job with environments – the attention to detail is amazing. Easily one of the best missions in The Foundry. A must play!!” — @Captain.Hunter

“I’m not just saying this to be nice, I honestly think it’s the best user created mission I’ve played… Loved the story, the maps, the pace, everything… the most fun I’ve had in STO for ages.” — @Halish