Here they are the final two missions in my Unholy Alliances story arc.  As always, I appreciate any and all feedback.  Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy it.

Unholy Alliances IV – After decrypting the Claw database with the algorithm recovered from the mobile command center and examining the holo-emitters that the Claw holograms were using onboard our ship, we have determined the Claw is being supplied with designs for advanced holographic technology. A holographic virus is granting artificial sentience to holograms all over the quadrant. It originates from a mining facility that the Claw has coopted in the Otha VIII planetary system.  Go to Otha system in Eta Eridani.

Unholy Alliances V – The fifth and final episode in the Unholy Alliances story.  If you haven’t tried the earlier episodes, I recommend that you do.