Over on the official forums, Leirus has suggested an excellent idea for author collaboration:

This is some side project in collaboration with two friends I have been starting to work on.
Since we have RP Fleets on both sides, I thought of a way for them to work together as a team on missions with our own settings. Also, it should involve more than 5 players.

The solution came to me when I watched Return of the Jedi again the other day. Split them into teams, working towards the same goal, but dependant on each other! This requires some RP of course, but I assure you, the first few tests were great fun.

So, basically you do not create one big mission, you create three (or more). They can be done by different authors, obviously, so it might save the individual author a lot of time through collaboration.

(snipped for brevity)

The beauty is: All three missions would be “valid” missions on their own, but this is a way to create events, collaborate and create real dynamic missions, that could even include a kind of “Moderator/Gamesmaster” via the chat or the TS.

(Source: http://forums.startrekonline.com/showthread.php?t=216236 )

What do people think of this idea? It’s certainly a great way to encourage collaboration between different authors, while having a more realistic “Different teams working on different tasks” approach to problem solving.