Hi all. My name is Ashkrik23 and I recently joined UGC after getting into the foundry full time. I just completed the finale to my first series that is set in my own mission time line. I was hoping to get some testers for it along with some more feedback on part 1 to find any glitches, bugs, or suggestions needed.

My missions in chronological order.

Perfection series

Perfection, part 1.

Perfection, part 2.


Here is some basic information about each of 2 missions.

Part 1 Info: Level 41+Federation mission. This is a Borg mission so bring a remodulator. Designed with an STF style. The battles may be somewhat difficult for playersi n average ship builds.

In the wake of the Borg Queen’s defeat by Admiral D’vak and his fleet,You have been contacted by Admiral Quinn to report to Outpost 77 in the Kessik system for a confidental assignment. He didn’t leave any details as to what you were needed for, but there was an urgent tone in his voice during the subspace communication. Report to the Kessik system in Gamma Orionis sector immediately and meet with the commanding officer there.

Part 2 info: Level 41+ Federation mission. This is a Borg one so bring a remodulator. It is designed for solo play. Green mission text helps provide tips for important branching dialogue in this mission. Make sure to follow it to stay on the right path depending on what option you choose. This will be towards the end of the mission.

With the fall of Earth, the unthinkable has happened. The Borg, now powered by the Omega Molecule, have launched their final campaign to rid the galaxy of every species. With the Federation in shambles and every civilization under threat of extinction, there is only one hope. Can the the Federation and its allies and enemies come together to save their homes? Or will this spell the end for our existence as we know it?

You have been summoned to the Kalferi system, where a task force is the last stand against this impending genocide.

I’ll continue to update with fixes based on feedback and with updates on new stories coming.

And if you are looking for my updates without wanting to have to go through Starbase UGC, you can also check out the main thread on the STO forum here.


Update notes for Perfection, part 2: 14 December 2013. Fixed some minor dialogue errors and added some costume changes to Borg npcs.