Mission Title:  A Relic’s Return

Arrival at Kintara Prime

Author: @Armsman
Project ID: ST-HRGENW9BK (on Holodeck)
Mission Faction: Federation/Star Fleet
Mission Type: Space
Mission Location: Regulus Sector Block — The Briar Patch

Mission Description:
Kintara Prime, a newly discovered UFP applicant world that mines and supplies dilithium for the Federation war effort, has requested diplomatic assistance. The Orion Syndicate have taken a 150 year old relic of great cultural signifigance, and the Kintarans want it returned.

Mission Objectives:
*-Enter the Briar Patch in the Regulus Sector Block
*-Travel to the Kintara Star System
*-Do what’s needed to resolve the dispute between the Kintarans and the Orion Sydicate

As always, any Feedback on this mission (positive or negative) is appreciated and welcome.

(This is part one of a larger story.  I am more of an Original Star Trek series (1966-1969) fan; so the dialog will probbably have more of that era’s feel to it.  I integrated feedback and improved the version of the mission now on Holodeck, and am working on the next part – although the recent policy change regarding using previous series Star Trek characters in any form whatsoever may cause a change from the way I originally plotted this story, but time will tell, as I think what I have planned for Part 2 isn’t a Foundry EULA violation.)