Mission Title : Waiting for the Light

Author : @Kirkfat

Faction : Federation

Level Requirement : 31+

Requirements : Shuttle Based Mission


Mining Outpost 47 is requesting your assistance. What you discover may have far-reaching implications.

This review has spoilers; if you do not want spoilers then do not continue to read this review.

Screenshot of Mining Outpost 47


You receive a distress call from Mining Outpost 47, a Dilithium mining outpost, which reports the loss of primary systems. Due to the facility being deep inside of an asteroid, you must use your shuttle to travel the tunnel network to reach the main facility. Because the outpost has lost control of its primary systems, its automated defenses attack targets on its own, and they like the bull’s-eye painted on your shuttle’s hull.

After you take care of the automated defenses with the help of some friendly transport captains, you beam down to the facility to begin an investigation of the events taking place. You run into the miners, Cardassians, who seem to be talking a bunch of rubbish. With a quick scan, you confirm that the Cardassian miners are holograms, and you also discover that they are reprogrammed EMH MK One’s.

You find the station’s administrator, Tolan, and he informs you that he has lost controls of primary systems, but he manage to keep control of secondary systems. Tolan then asks you to check the replicator which is part of the secondary system.  If they are malfunctioning, then he must start evacuations of the station before they lose control of Life Support.

After checking the replicator and confiming that the secondary systems have been effected, you check the stations logs in the hopes of finding clues to the mystery. After going through the logs, you go to speak with Tolan once again when the replicator explodes killing a man named George.

The perpetrator then reveals himself as the George’s killer, a hologram calling himself The Miner, he demands freedom and Mobile Emitters for himself and his holographic brothers. You have to make the choice to give in to his demands or destroy the hologram. With the help of Tolan you take some charges and head for the transporter room.

Screenshot of the inside of the asteroid.

Using the shuttles transporter, you transport yourself to the level where the holomatrix is located, but The Miner waits for you by using the holoprojectors spread throughout the facility to create a disorienting environment. After fighting a few holographic enemies you learn that The Miner is pulling excess energy. If you provoke The Miner enough, he could overload the conduits, causing his matrix to reboot and taking down the forcefield, giving you access to shut him down.

After fighting your way through the deck and provoking The Miner, the secondary relay overloads, causing the Matrix to reboot and the forcefield to go down.  You take advantage and download his program into your tricorder. After you lower the damping field and Talon beams your tricorder away and destroys The Miner, you investigate the holomatrix.  You discover that a programer has covered up their tracks well, yet then the clues start to fall into place.

You meet up with Talon and give him a quick medical scan. You then call in the facility’s doctor, Doctor Salldelsky, before scanning Talon again. You confirm the dots you started to connect. Talon is in love with Salldelsky, and he didn’t like the relationship between her and George.  So, Talon reprogrammed The Miner to kill George, before he tried to get rid of The Miner to dispose of the only evidence that was connecting him. You then arrest Talon for the murder of George.


The maps were all custom made, and each map blew my mind on the detail and how well the maps were built. The characters had their own voice and worked well with the story, which was a good story with a solid structure. The author’s use of triggers for the simple tasks to make them more lively was a good addition to this mission.


In the main chamber of the asteroid where you fight the automated defense, the shuttle, enemies, and facility buildings would vanish at curtain camera angles. I know that this was a graphics problem that was unavoidable unless you deleted the map. But I still have to mention this.

Also, I had the story figured out about halfway through the mission. The author had only showed the logs and interactinos of key characters, which made it easy to figure out what was going on. So there was very little mystery in this mystery story. On the final boss fight, my Bridge Officers and the boss mob fell through the floor at one point or another in the battle, which can make defeating the boss difficult, if you can’t target him and he kills your Officers.

Screenshot of the Holographic Deck

To the Author:

I did see the post on the forums about the vanishing objects in the asteroids center so I know that the problem is nothing that you can control, but I still had to mention it in my review since it still is an inconvenience to the other players.

To give the story a more of a mystery, you could made it that when you researched the logs and read the personal logs, you could choose the logs that the player would read.  These could includes the main two that you had and a couple of others, like the other NPC’s in the room. For example, you could have a married couple.  Perhaps the husband or wife is having an affair with another scientist, and the spouse of the affair knows about the affair. Or, perhaps a Klingon spy is helping them take over the station at a later date.  Or how about both?

Q : If Talon was so smart to come up with a way to disguise a murder the way he did, then why was he not smart enough to come up with an escape plan in case he was discovered? If the cover up involved an outsider to come in and destroy the evidence, then why did he not make a back-up plan for the unknown element in his plan?


The story and plot were good with the solid foundation, and the custom maps were very impressive. I enjoyed playing this mission, but because of the few nuisances that came up (like solving the mystery halfway through the mission and vanishing objects) I rated Waiting for the Light by @Kirkfat at four stars. I wish the author luck in Foundry Challenge #7.