Mission Title : Uninvited Guests

Author : @sirboulevard

Faction : Federation

Level Requirement : 16+

Requirements : Shuttle Based Mission

Screenshot of Atmosphere Battle Above the ColonyIntroduction:

The incident with Admiral Zelle has left the Federation on a precarious edge with the Romulan Star Empire. With a rising rebellion in the form of the Romulan Republic and the beginning of diplomatic relations between the two nations, forces in the shadows may try to stop it before it gets too far.

This review has spoilers; if you do not want spoilers then do not continue to read this review.


Your assignment is to join Captain Romano of the U.S.S. Icarus to a Federation colony for a treaty between the colony and a splinter Romulan group calling themselves the Romulan Republic. The Republic wants to put a group of scientists on the same planet as the Federation colony to study the effects of a certain radiation for a planet that the Republic eyes as a possible home world. Although the Federation recognizes the Romulan Republic as a nation of their own, they still do not trust them and neither do the colonists of the planet in question.

You escort the diplomats to the colony to begin the treaty, when both the Romulan Empire and Romulan Republic representatives voice their outrage for you being at the meeting. They do not wish for you to be there because of the Admiral Zelle incident, where Romulan scientists were slaughtered. You are asked to leave, but also asked to go over some data. When you leave the room to look over some data, there is an explosion. The Romulan Republic diplomat was in fact a Tal Shiar spy who killed all the diplomats at the conference with a bomb.

Screenshot of the U.S.S. Icarus BridgeThe Tal Shiar could not allow the colonists to live for harboring terrorists, so you escape into your shuttle. A battle rages over the colony and in the heat of the battle in your shuttle, you try to help out the colonists in any way that you can. After helping the colony and clearing the skies, you leave the atmosphere to engage the Tal Shiar above the planet, where a D’deridex Warbird escapes.

In pursuit you and the U.S.S. Icarus engage the D’deridex in battle, after you board the Icarus to speak with Captain Romano. With the Romulan Republic diplomat being a Tal Shiar spy, the Federation will be more cautious when dealing with the Republic, fearing that the Republic is just a ploy created by the Tal Shiar. The colony has started an evacuation, the Tal Shiar is in retreat, and the diplomats are dead.  The only thing left is for the U.S.S. Icarus to drop you off back at Earth Space Dock.


The story had a good structure, plot, and flow. The story was connected with the new Legacy of Romulus content before it had come out live to the holodeck. There was plenty of information so that the player knew what was going on and where to go.  And for those who don’t know about the Romulan Republic, there was an NPC to fill in that information if the player wanted it. Map design was well done, easy to navigate, and easy on the eyes.  By far, the best map was above the city.  This map felt as though I was still in the atmosphere of the planet above the colony.


During the battle above the colony in the atmosphere, the friendly NPC groups died really quickly and my small shuttle became overwhelmed.  It took a few deaths and re-spawns before I was able to clear them all. The map with the boss fight… after the first battle I went to engage the D’deridex and the U.S.S. Icarus had got stuck on an asteroid. After a few deaths, I had to pull the D’deridex to the Icarus so I could destroy it.

When my captain had to reach the shuttle at the shuttle pad, the objective was completed before he even reached the pad, which could be annoying since the objective was to reach the shuttle pad. There was something that was referred to a lot in the story as the Admiral Zelle Incident, but I was not sure if this was just something for the story or if there was a previous mission created by the author that connected the story together.

Screenshot of the space above Romulan ColonyTo the Author:

With the battle over the city you can either have some of the enemy mobs show up when ones are destroyed or add a friendly mob or two to help not overwhelm the player. Then with the boss fight, you can have it when the first group mob is killed and the dialog is complete. You could have the Icarus vanish and have another Icarus show up when the player gets in a certain distance of the D’deridex, so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck by an asteroid.

If the Admiral Zelle Incident is part of another mission that you have created, then you can place that in the dialog somewhere to let players know. If not and it’s just something that you put in, then let the players know and have that information accessible if they want it.

Q : What is up with the first map? You move your shuttle straight out, then contact the U.S.S. Icarus, and then that’s it. What is the purpose of the map? Since the player has to use a door at Earth Space Dock to enter the mission, why not have that door get them to board the Icarus right there at Earth?


Story was good and solid, and maps were well done; I enjoyed playing this mission. I rated Uninvited Guests by @ sirboulervard; 4 stars. I wish the author luck in the Foundry Challenge #7.

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