Ok people. If you didn’t catch our live broadcast because your priorities were mixed up and you payed attention to Pluto instead, you may watch the show now. I don’t know what the big deal is, anyway. We knew it was there. It’s like Pluto took a selfie. So what? Not only that, but do we aven care after it lost planet status? Sure, I guess its an important thing, if you’re into that sciencey stuff. Wow, we mapped the universe. Pfft. WE had STOAdmiralAaron on our show. We even reviewed his first mission, Adrift. Then….hehehehe…then, we discussed the Voyager episode, Lifesigns. Huh?, Huh? Beat that, Pluto nerds!!! I’ll tell what our show has that you planet nerds don’t…Girls, for one thing…wait a minute….Kendra was a bit under the weather so she wasn’t there, but she usually is.

Oh c’mon. Please watch our show? I was joking. I kid the Pluto nerds.