Mission Title : Sarita

Author : @T1N1

Faction : Federation

Level Requirement : Any

Requirements : Shuttle Based Mission


Humanitarian / Diplomatic type mission.

This review has spoilers; if you do not want spoilers then do not continue to read this review.

Screenshot of the space above Romulan ColonyAbout:

You awake in your quarters to discover an unknown man waiting foryou. He neither confirms nor denies that he works for Section 31. He wants you to go to the Sarita System, and he wants you to use your shuttle to help the Romulan refuges set up a colony there. You cannot inform Starfleet since this is a top secret mission.

A few days later, you arrive at the Sarita system, where you are put to work. You start by moving personnel and supplies from station to station, inspecting civilian transports that enter the system, and perform other small tasks to help the colony.

After four days, you are informed that the engineers have not had the time to set up the colony, and you are asked to help out. You beam down and help by gathering the supplies, unpacking, and setting up the colony. Afterwards, you notice that a colonist is not feeling well. When you go to investigate, the colonist attacks you. That’s when you learn: not only is the colonist a Salt Vampire, species M-113, but also most of the colonists are Salt Vampires.

A few weeks later, you and your crew have set up a temporary settlement as a quarantine to help make sure that none of the crew have been replaced by Salt Vampires. When you talk to your doctor and find out that your crew has been cleared, you must decide whether to pack up and head home, or stay longer and relax.

Screenshot of the Attack of 'Salt Vampires'Highlights:

The space map was well done, and it didn’t fall into the 2D feel. Everything was spread out and at different heights, including the planets and objectives. The systems backdrop was not heavy, but soft and easy to the eyes, as was the colony and the planet’s surface. There wasn’t a lack of life with NPCs on the maps, and the story connected with the TOS episode “The Man Trap“.


There were a lot of unnecessary player animations in the mission, as well as a lot of unnecessary actions going on. There was combat that the player could just fly by, continuing the story. Unfortunately, there was no story. There was a structure for a story, but the dialog just covered the basics like, “you need to go do this.”

To the Author:

The Foundry is a way for an Author to tell stories, not missions, and your mission was just that: a mission. You had a solid structure from a TOS episode that you could have built a good story upon. You could start by putting in more dialog. You already have, with your mission, a basic story premise: help build the colony, discover vampires, escape the destruction of planet, and clear the crew of being salt vampires. Now you just need to build off of that.  If you need help with that, then go ahead and ask your friends, family, fleet mates, or even come to StarbaseUGC’s chat. People will give you ideas and suggestions.  Regardless, it’s your story to tell, so do what you want.

Screenshot of the Federation destroying civilian Transports

Also: Animations! People like to see their captain or ship do stuff with animations that fit with the story, but having random animations for triggers will just annoy the players. When we beam over supplies, they like to see the beam animation, and players like to see the animations that represent the actions that the trigger represents.

Q : If you are not to inform Starfleet Command about your mission, then why are there Starfleet ships and personal running all over the place? Why was there a Borg at the colony? Costumes…  the last I checked, you can have up to 50 custom made costumes for a mission. If you have to, then use them all. Start with the main characters for your story, and then go for the backgrounds. When costuming squads of NPCs, you try your best to avoid having two NPC’s in the group wearing the same costumes. If you can’t make the costumes, then use the ones provided to you by Cryptic for re-skinning.


This was a mission and not a story, and the Foundry was given to the players so that they could tell stories. The author had a good structure to build upon, as well as a good premise for his story.

I rated Sarita by @T1N1 at 2 stars. I wish the author good luck with future missions.

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