Mission Title : Protector

Author : @terinvorta

Faction : Federation

Level Requirement : 31+

Requirements : Shuttle Based Mission

Screenshot of the Wormhole at the Edge of Sector 001


A temporal anomaly has appeared on the edge of Sector 001, broadcasting a distress call. Your mission? Find and save the originator of the distress call. But all is not as it appears…

This review has spoilers; if you do not want spoilers then do not continue to read this review.


Incoming hail, you have been recalled to Earth Space Dock for an important mission. When you get back to Earth you learn that there is a wormhole being created at the edge of Sector 001, and a distress call is being transmitted through the wormhole; you take a shuttle through the wormhole to minimize any affects you may cause when traversing through space and universe.

Inside the wormhole you find a small capsule that you learn (when you board it) that it’s really bigger inside; you also meet a woman named Sam. Before you find out what’s really going on, you get taken from the ship by a man from the CIA.

Screenshot of the Penal Colony

You learn that Sam is an agent that protects civilizations that can’t travel through time until they can; she makes sure that nothing can affect the timeline in multiple universes. Sam was on her way back home when for some reason the wormhole lost its end point that led her into her situation, and yours.

After a quick trial, where you got 60 seconds to prepare a defense, you are sent to a Penal colony for crimes that makes no sense and that do not apply to you; just the wrong place, wrong time. You meet up with a group of prisoners who have an escape plan, and you overpower the guards and get into Sam’s capsule where you make your escape…


The story had a good plot, structure, and beginning.

Screenshot of the Wormhole at the Penal Colony


The maps looked like there was no real effort to put together, and there were a lot of map transitions where a few maps could have been built in one map. There were few blending issues since there were not many opportunities’ to have the issues. As soon as I loaded into the last map, the mission ended; there were no objectives or story, nothing at the end.

Even though there was a good base for the story, the story itself just dropped off. Branching dialog disappeared and conversations went from informative to straight to the point. The mission itself just crashed and burned; it ended and I didn’t even realize that it had ended.




The mission started well, then dropped; the mission ended with no indication besides the game music, and the mission seemed like no effort was put into it. I was sad that I rated Protector by @terinvorta; 2 Stars.