MISSION REVIEW : The Floods at Home. Part 1

AUTHOR : Woody_Valley



ALLEGIANCE : Starfleet

LEVEL : Any Level

DESCRIPTION  : From the 23rd of December 2010 to 16 of January 2011,  the State of Queensland, Australia saw some of the worst flooding in its history. 60% of the state was flooded from this Natural Disaster.

This Foundry mission was based on some of the events that happened, but with Starfleet playing the role of the Australian Defence Force. For a better understanding of what happened during that time, I have linked a Youtube 7 part series on the floods.


  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Trek 3
  • Design 4
  • Difficulty 2
  • Grind 3

“The Floods at Home” By Woody_Valley

Back in the captains chair. Now, how do I work this thing? Ah! okay a review. I can do a review. Well I’m back and what better first review to do than this. Reviews have called it boring, long, different and tedious. Sounds a bit like my old reviews… But this is only the contentions of a few low stared reviews, as opposed to 59 5 star reviews. Most authors should be so lucky. So come with me and lets take a look at The Floods At Home.

So before I start, I feel I should give more details of the floods that recently caused havoc across Australia’s east coast. I’m sure I will be reflecting throughout my play through on bits and pieces I heard in the news and the perspective of emotion that was voiced across a nation towards this crisis.

The Queensland Floods impacted more than 70 towns including one of Australia’s most popular capital tourist destinations, Brisbane.  Over 200,000 people were affected. Millions of Australians watch in horror and felt helpless from there living rooms. There where volunteer groups mounting up and shipping out only to get to a check point near a heavily effect area to be told to go back, but that is not the horrific part of the Queensland Flooding.

The media played on the heavy ratings that this disaster brought. Australians were entertained nightly with images of flooding and assets disappearing into waves of mud. The Australian media coverage was admirable but gluten driven. There where never casualty reports or messages to family members  and quite often or not you would see a reporter or camera person broadcasting a story about a person in need rather than help them. This wasn’t even war correspondence and the media population still did nothing but support there own agenda and safety. On the news the stories would estimate losses to financial institutions and the Australian economy as well as fulfill politicians egos as they talked of possible solutions for the future. Meanwhile the estimated 10 billion dollar deficit to the economy that this disaster brought was probably made by the Seven network alone from there coverage of the disaster.

Your not an Aussie till you have lived through a bush fire, flood or drought. Your not an Aussie till you have taken it upon your self to help those effected by these environmental impacts. This is what makes Australia great. Kinship, mate ship and kindness. It is unfortunate that the Queensland floods were the precipice to a harsh reality towards the future of Australia. A heavily capitalised society, governed by the potential of profit towards franchises and corporations. This is unfortunately how many Australians see the disaster. Now lets see the perspective of someone who lived it as we take a look at “The Floods At Home Part One”.

“As I’m docking at Earth Space Dock for some much needed r and r, I receive a communication of a disaster in Earths Australasian hemisphere. As my family once resided in Australia as refuges of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, I felt compelled to help.”  Yep! I’m role playing this one.

It’s really raining! Straight of the bat I’m immersed in an inhospitable environment. Put to work my tasks are important, they have value. With every Objective I feel that I am accomplishing something of importance. With out me, human life might be at stake. Woody_Valley has done a Brilliant job at making a patrol type mission with a search and rescue theme. Very clever when you consider you have covered Exploration and Diplomacy in one mission. Merging many of my favorite genres and keeping it simple is what makes this mission most enjoyable. Not to mention the addition of humor that is most Australian.

This mission is well executed in the context that even though the mission is a reference to a real world event, it does not allow you to lose contact with the virtual immersion. At no point does it make you think that you are not a captain of a ship in earth orbit, which is really hard to do with the assets available to you in the foundry.  The environment elements support this. I even was on a map that had shadow simulating clouds moving across the horizon in front of the sun causing it to go from dark to light. So jealous right now. Then unfortunately I realise it’s hard for a non combat mission to not feel like a grind eventually, however still worth while. Going to need a hot JumJa Tea after this.

Woody_Valley has found a great balance between objectives, plot line and humor. There was one part of the mission that felt like a huge grind, however the reason behind it was sound. Later you see NPC’s doing the same task and you feel for them on an emotional level. Introduction and familiarisation with NPC’s is well executed. I can’t believe I went to Australia and feed so many people with out having a Lamington or a Pavlova myself. I better get Shore leave after this because I want an Apple Turn Over. I should really be watching my weight.

I had no idea how the author was going to accomplish this. By far my favorite search and rescue foundry mission. It holds it’s own as an exploration mission as well and although is silly in parts fits well within the STO universe. I even got a taste of my above statement towards the media and my characters perspective towards it was needed. Also UGC STO is always best when it doesn’t take itself to serious. I think the context of the plot-line is horrific enough and the Author does a good job in presenting the story and events of a real life situation with an Australian attitude. This is a most enjoyable mission and I look forward to covering Part Two next week.

“A brilliant load of fun and immersion. Thank you Woody_Valley.” *****/Stars

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