DESCRIPTION :  A federation archaeologist team has uncovered evidence of a previously undiscovered alien civilisation, but what starts as a scientific expedition, may end in apocalyptic destruction.


  • Game-play 4
  • Difficulty 3
  • Trek 4
  • Grind 2
  • Design 4

Found this gem while on Tribble during maintenance. Havraha has a very unique way of making a simple story seem epic in scale. After seeing only one review on this mission, I couldn’t help but wonder why? Surely I could play this mission and see what not to do with my own missions, but as soon as I was engulfed in the story I saw very little wrong with it.

“Its my most overlooked one.” Havraha

Thoroughly engaging story, excellent dialogue and well designed maps, as well as some interesting Foundry techniques you may not have thought of.

It was a privilege.

So the mission finds you gallivanting of to the Saeril System, part of the Sirius Sector Block in the Kei System. Now I like missions that are close to ESD, But I think this one could have been a little further from home. If you are to grime on those sort of things. There is very little given away as to what the mission is about, go here, approach planet and investigate. Sounds like your average Exploration Cluster mission, However…

From the minute you beam down, your in an environment that feels slightly familiar. Your definitely on an inhabitable M Class Planet. I seriously looked around and had the episode flinch. You know the feeling when your so excited about the next instalment of Trek. Havraha you got me. I was there to help, this was clearly some kind of research colony and I was playing STAR TREK.

What was unique was the fact that all of a sudden I had to do things for a person I didn’t trust. It kept me on edge. Anything was possible. I was investigating an unknown phenomenon with a risk. Go here scan this, scan that. Not your normal grind either, because it had an important intrinsic purpose. I wanted to know what was the deal.

After being constantly reminded of a Prime Directive type influence on two groups wanting the same ability to research local archaeology finds. You find yourself on the wrong side of the tracks. Why is it that Starfleet always does that. Every time we find a new race or new people to interact with, we trust them. That is also the humour of this Mission. Dialogue is absolutely hilarious. Now I’m not one for laughing out loud, but I did have to set Vent to push to talk, in the fear that my fleet mates would hear me giggling.

Your kept guessing by the use of trek cannon. Familiar missions from STO are hinted upon throughout this mission to keep you guessing. Is it this race? Is it that culture? Then all of a sudden combat. Finally you think you know what’s going on?


Yet another group of militants in this galaxy that want to kill me over possible weapon advancement. GREAT! Yet again my ship is being attacked while I’m on an away mission and my crew have to risk lowering the shields in order to beam me up, so I can pound these infidels into a pulp, But wait there’s a twist…

While Getting rid of an armada of enemy vessels in space, these ignoramuses have activated the archaeology without a though to the possibilities. Will it make a cheese burger or eradicate all human life. I think most STO Captains would go for the cheese burger, But no this thing is deadly and not only do we have to try and dismantle or halter it’s ignition or purpose, you have to fight oncoming force’s who want it to do whatever it is to do.

Of course I save the day. It’s what I do. Not only do I prevent catastrophe, but I also uncover the secrets of why I was chosen to come to the Saeril System and investigate.

Ahh the Universe is safe again…

Worth the play. If you don’t, others will.