War on Earth by @lordarathron

Briefing Room

Nice job on the ship model display shelf.

Sol System

Portal is labeled as “FX, portal, time.” Suggest changing this.

Solaris System

Same issue as above.


Nothing major to note.

NPF Homeworld

Nothing major to note.

NPF Homeworld Space

This is a well made space map.

Solaris 2

Nothing to note.

Shadowkind Earth

Nothing to note.


Fed NPC in room one has the default name and number.

Same issue in room 2.

Room 2 is bare and could use more scenery objects.

Fed NPC in room three has the same issue as before.

Controller Station

Nothing major to note.

Solaris Three

I recommend having the opening dialogue tied to a reach marker, then spawn the fleet battle.

Once again, even better than its predecessor. Keep it up with fixing the issues that have popped up in the series and you will be well on your way. 5/5