The Dragon Hunt by@dragonkata1

I played this mission at level 16 as recommended by the author. This was done on my new tactical Caitian on elite mode.

Azure Approach

Well written dialogue establishes a back story for the species we are about to encounter.

Well made map.

Azure Nebula First Battle

The Romulan reinforcements loop the warp-in animation if left alone. I suggest just having them spawn normally without an animation.

The dialogue provides more variety should the player wish to learn more about this new species. Nice touch.

Also a nicely made map.

Drakkathii Prime

A well made map.

I like the inclusion of their own unique ships.

The Nexus

Nothing major to note.


You could potentially have this dialogue at the end of the previous map and make the loading screen be the “warping” to the colony. This saves loading time.


Nothing major to note.

Restus Ground

Excellent work on giving the sense of a destroyed town.

Restus Departure

Nothing major to note.

Payreer System

Nothing major to note.

U.S.S. Katherine

Excellent effects to simulate a ship under extreme stress.

Payreer Escape

Some ships loop the warp-in animation. Suggest changing this to no animation.

I.K.S. Kryas

Fun and tough battles on elite mode here.


Nothing major to note.

Klingon Offensive

A fun final battle.

Overall opinion: I have been lucky with finding a string of first-timer missions that are amazing. This one is no exception. Taking at least 60 minutes, this mission is excellent for those who enjoy those long trek adventures. The author has meticulously crafted a large mission with so much polish, I honestly could not tell it was his first one had he not said it before. Dialogue is written very well. Maps are excellent and serve their purpose.

This is easily 5/5. You have a great foundry career ahead of you. I look forward to your next mission.