I am back after a small absence with trying to finish my latest mission! Expect a lot of these soon. (Yea..I always seem to forget pictures when I come back from a break. WIll get to those next time.)


Shadows Rising, by @sithscourge

Engage the enemy says “engauge the enemy.”

I suggest putting the starting location in the “engage the enemy” line. You want that info everywhere you can get it because many people do not read.

8:52] [NPC] Rational: We wont listen to your Federation lies any longer. All Fighter wings ATTACK.

wont should be won’t.

Stargazer’s Last Known Location

References were amusing.

The objective “Engageing the enemies” should be “Engaging the enemies.”

I can see this mission is meant to not be taken fully seriously. In that case, the puns are funny.

Unique ship names are good.

In, “Go to the Chimera,” I suggest increasing the reach marker radius.

U.S.S. Chimera interior
Nice custom costumes on the NPCs.

Good map design off the start.

You can put an invisible object for the “interact with object” objectives to prevent having to place visible things like the padds.

These Ferasans shame us all! They don’t even know how the disruptors work! (This is sarcasm)

I’Zira’s soldiers will show them how it is done. (Also a joke)

Some Ferasan raiders have #1 beside their names.

Shadow Base

You might want to make it so your medical officer refers to you as your rank. Unless you explain earlier in the story you let your crew do that.

9:16] [NPC] Medical Officer: Taka, It looks like they’re being experimented on. We should try to get them out of here. The Caitian patients have a number by their name. Not sure if this is intended. Suggest removing it.

I noticed usage a few times of the “continue” button. I suggest changing these to responses from your captain.

Ferasan/Caitian hybrids..an interesting concept.

One of the npcs in the “more children” objective was a Fek’lhri. Think you missed a costume there.

I noticed others in the reviews suggested you use a Klingon interior for a Ferasan base. I would agree with this. However, you have already made the mission, so this could be something to keep in mind for future enemy bases.

Overall 5/5, This was the author’s first mission and so it will be treated as such. This was a nice and simple first mission by the author. Sometimes simple works perfectly. I sure enjoyed the easygoing ride after all the complex missions I have done or made hehe.

The author clearly demonstrated basic knowledge of the foundry mechanics and shows he has room to have even higher quality content in the next mission.

Well done!