Resolution on Risa by @lordhathoron


I suggesting removing the numbers from the security guards.

Some Klingons on the beach have their default names with the numbers, suggest changing this.

Several Fed npcs also have the same issue.


Nothing major to note. Maybe spruce it up a bit more.


Nothing major to note.

Meeting Room

Change the npc names from the default versions with numbers, this takes away immersion.

Photonic Assault

Same advice as the last map.

This room is really bare and I would suggest adding more scenery.


Frosted boots or motion accelerator are helpful here.

Risa Space

Nothing major to note.

S.S. Talkea

Interior is somewhat bare, suggesting adding scenery.

Overall thoughts: Much better than your first mission. I can already see improvement. There are still a few minor issues to fix but I feel you are on the right track, 5/5.