Requiem for a Dream, Part 1 by @11001001_v2.0 (It’s a grind spelling your name XD.)


The Mind’s Heritage


On the replicator, it says “interact.” I suggest changing that to “replicate sandwich” to add a little more immersion.


You did a good job on the little hunting platform.




Nothing to note.


Pandora’s Box


Nice job on getting the Nausicaans on the balconies.


Nice job on that Nausicaan tower and making it look natural to the city.


One of the Nausicaans in the main plaza has an 01 by their name.


Again, nice work on blending the custom structures into the default map.


Wow! Impressive work on the sewer!

This mission was rather short and simple. The story is all right and really did not leave much of an impact on me so far. This originally was going to be a 4, but when I saw your environmental work with Hathon, I had to give it a 5. You have made some very clever creations both in scenery and in humor via optional NPC dialogue.

One change I recommend is replacing the “continue” button on your dialogue responses. I suggest having your player say something or performing an emote via that.

Besides that and the few issues I mentioned earlier, good job. I will be reviewing part 2 shortly.  5/5