Maelstrom by @Altexist


Starbase 114

Dialogue on this map could be set to play before loading onto map 2. This would shave off loading time for a map that only has one objective.



Cargo Bay

Nice work with all the wires and such in the first room.



Starbase 114

This map’s dialogue could have been put at the end of the previous map. I suggest doing that and removing this map as it only increases load times.



Tazi VI

Nothing major to note.



Donia IV

Nothing major to note.



U.S.S. Raymond


Good damage effects here. I like the coolant leaking out of the warp core.

One of the steam effects was coming out of thin air. Here is a picture.


Defend Cargo Bay


Some of the wires are not connected to the ceiling on both ends.




Donia IV 2


Nothing major to note.



Omar System


Dialogue choice provides variety.


Klingon station is named  “Station, Klingon active 03 #1, suggest changing this.



Klingon Base


Unexpected twist.