Homage to Galris  by @Joe_king


Incident at Risa

Nothing major to note.



All about the Galrisians


I see you have done some nice custom interior work.


Background information is a nice touch on the species we are dealing with.


The Full Story


Once again, good custom interior work.


Nice illusion with the hologram.


Scene of the Crime

I love how you have the planet in the sky.


The Plot Thickens

Bonus points for having Caitians in it hehe.

Nothing major to note.


Nothing major to note.




Suggest not having enemies attack until the dialogue is done when you first beam in.


The final battle was fun.

Final thoughts:  This was an excellent mission with some good custom interior work. There was a lot of background information about the author’s species which showed a lot of time was put into the mission. I noticed no typos or major errors. Very well written and clean. 5/5, keep it up. Deserves more plays.