A New Beginning by @lordhathron

First Map
Very simple, not much to say about it.

NPF Homeworld
Suggest moving the starting spawn point closer to the first objective.
Nothing much to really note.

NPF Homeworld
Some NPCs are placed on the walls.

NPF Homeworld Space map, take 2.
Nothing major to note.

This is the author’s first mission and as such, contains some of the common first author mistakes. I was somewhat on the fence between a 3 and 4 star on this one. There is not much story and it’s mainly battles of the same type that get you from each plot point to the next. What little dialogue there is, is written clean and well though.

Some points to recommend. Add more variety to the story objectives. I noticed a lot of usage of “Go to the next map.” I suggest changing that to actual dialogue in the mission to keep immersion in. The same should be said for the “continue button.” Another suggestion is to spruce up your maps some. Most did not really have much added to them. The best map was the first forest ground map but that was just the default though.

I gave 4 for showing potential. I hope to see even better work in the next two parts.