A temporary solution to long preview loading screens (along with information for Frost).

Here is what (I think) I’ve discovered.  Please confirm if this works.

The problem with long preview loading screens has to do with adding objects to a map via the menus on the right of the screen.

So, load into the foundry and do nothing… You can preview your map over and over again with fast loading screens.  Or, adjust items that are already loaded onto the map, when you launched the editor = fast loading screens.  Or, copy and paste something already on your map using Cntl + C, Cntl + V (or the edit… paste option), then you’ll have fast loading screens.

Disclaimer: This is true, IF you haven’t already set the Foundry into long loading screen mode by trying to add something new to the map.  Basically, once you are stuck with 4-5 minute loads, they are there to stay, no matter if you are messing with objects already on the map.  All of the above applies before you get the loading screens, not after.  Once you get a long load, then you need to reboot the Foundry.

Generally, you can avoid the long loading screens with this work-around by loading the map with all the objects you need or need to copy and paste.

Ex:  If you know you’re building an office, put in all the objects that you want in a corner of the map. So, put in a desk, chairs, a fish tank, basically everything you want to use.

Then, save the project, exit the foundry, reload the project and there you go.  You should have no trouble at all with loading screens while building a map with the objects that you already put in.  If you need a second version of a desk, copy and paste it from the one that is already on the map.  Again, placing one onto the map via the menus will bring back the loading screens of DOOM, even if the object is already on your map.  You have to copy and paste a new version of it from the existing version to avoid the loading screens.

Hopefully this is just a temporary work-around, and it helps Frost to understand what is happening.  But, it is working for me, and I can build again.  Even if I have to stop and restart the foundry, that is preferable to a 4 minute loading screen that will never go away until you reboot the foundry.

Please tell me if this works for you.