With the triumphant return of Starbase UGC, it’s time to start posting once again!

The Foundry Roundtable, a pod- and video-cast dedicated to the Foundry for Star Trek Online, will be posting each episode as it is released. We broadcast live at www.twitch.tv/thefoundryroundtable at 4:30 p.m. (U.S. Pacific Time) on Saturdays. Everyone is welcome to join in our live chatroom. Episodes go up on our Youtube Channel the following week.

In our latest show, “Episode 186: Foundry Meta” we talk about new ships recently added to the Foundry, as well as the latest spotlight, the Foundry Challenge winner, the new 3-D ship printing and much more.


Also check out our tutorial series Foundational Foundry and The Discovery Roundtable, an episode by episode discussion show for Star Trek Discovery from the perspective of Foundry authors and Star Trek Online players.

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