Hi all,

Mapolis posted this at the STO forums. While it’s a little confusing which limits apply to individual maps and which apply to the mission as a whole, it’s probably very useful to you.

There’s pretty much a budget on everything. Here’s a list of exactly what the budgets are for the Foundry currently:

Maps: 15

Costumes: 50 (per mission)

Spawn Points: 20

Respawn Points: 20

Enemy Encounters: 25 (per map)

Contacts: 25 (per map)

Objects: 475 (per map)

Buildings: 64 (per map)

Planets: 12 (per map)

Dialog Trees: 250

Objectives: 100 (per mission)


He also adds:

I wouldn’t expect us to lower any of these limits, as it would cause a lot of problems with existing UGC missions. That being said, most of these limits are not set in stone, so if something seems overly restrictive, speak up and suggest a more reasonable number.

Personally I want to increase the object count limit, but I’m hoping to get a more robust budgeting system instead. I would like to have something more like a per-object score. For example, a small rock might have a score of 1, but a building that’s far more taxing on your graphics card would have a score of 50 or something. This kind of system would definitely help authors keep their maps running at a good framerate.

Please leave a comment in this thread, sharing your thoughts about limits and what you’d like to see revised.