That’s right folks, we reached another one of those times again, and with this release we will see some new objects and destinations to play with, and of course a revisit of our old friend, waiting for the editor to get turned back on. So, first up, here is a list of things we should be getting when the season launches, this list isn’t final as the official patchnotes have not yet been released as I write this post:

Sector Space Revamp:
Sector Space has been revamped into three Sector maps:
Alpha Quadrant
Beta Quadrant
Delta Quadrant
This revamp also includes additions to:
If a door in a Foundry mission is connected to an old Sector door, it will be re-directed to the new Sector Space map.
For more details, please visit the Sector Space Revamp blog at:…r-space-revamp
Added Earth Spacedock as a UGC Map.
Added numerous Earth Spacedock Map Support Objects, including:
Turbolift and Club 47 Doors
Ops Holographic Consoles
Ship Markers
Added a new indoor template map: Diplomacy Room.
Space Stations usable on ground and in space

Three things of note:

1) With the season publish, all Foundry missions will undergo mandatory republishing once the server is active. This means for a while, we will not have access to our missions as they work through the republishing log. The republish might not commence right away so we could be looking at 72 hours before we start seeing missions repopulate the lists.

2)The sector space revamp will move planets all over the map, so all missions should be checked to make sure they reference their ‘proper’ place in the galaxy once again. This will only of course be possible once the editor is back online, which brings us to…

3)The Foundry editor will be offline for an indeterminate amount of time. This could be possibly as few as 7 days it could be as long as ‘until everything is fixed.’ The editor will remain offline for as long as the republish goes on and the verification that no data was highly corrupted during the publish.