Dear anyone at Cryptic who might have the power to do this for the Foundry community,

Many of us Foundry authors like to build custom interiors.  One of the biggest challenges for us relates to the lack of floors and ceilings.  While we have a few walls of different factions, we have very few floors and ceilings.  Mostly, we use one of these pieces, called “100 x 100 Building Block Platforms.”

These pieces come mainly in 3 varieties:

There are also different sizes (smaller ones and 500 x 500 versions, which include a few other textures).  However, I’m going to confine my request solely to the 100 x 100 versions, as to not ask for more than minimum work on the part of a nice dev.

As you can see, 2 of the 3 of these props look like stone, which are not the best textures for building custom interiors.  As a result, many of our custom sets look like this:

Please notice how gray and lifeless are the floors and ceilings.  Many of our ceilings just look black.

I think that this situation could be easily changed by a dev, without demanding too much.  We know that you guys are working hard on the May update, and your jobs probably have little to do with the Foundry.

Request:  Could someone please take a 100 x 100 building block platform and make different versions that includes the following textures? These are taken from either ESD or my ship interiors.

Starting with floors:

Having a building block platform with each of these textures would be amazing for Foundry authors.  We could use the red carpet for TOS sets.  We could build great sickbays with the blue, etc. etc.  You don’t have to worry about a pattern or accent lines.  Please texture a platform with different color variants of the red part, etc.

Other really useful textures on ESD could include:

Re: ceilings.  I have tried to confine my requests to flat textures that make decent ceilings.  These are from my ship interiors:

Now, you’re probably thinking, “I can do this, but I don’t know the first thing about adding new platforms into the Foundry.”  Or you might be saying, “I have no time to add those to the Foundry.”  That’s OK.  Simply make a note of how Zeronius_Rex can find these props, and hopefully they will find their way into the Foundry at some point.  If, by contrast, one of you has time to add them directly, you would become a hero to us.

That is my modest request for someone at Cryptic.  Could you please re-texture some flat primitives with ceilings and carpets?  It would be nice to have versions that matched the KDF and other faction walls, but I won’t ask for more than what I’m asking for here.

Thanks for your time!

Foundry authors, please chime in on this thread in the STO forums.