Jan. 10th Tribble release notes contain new props, to be added to the Foundry soon:


  • Added new interior detail objects:
    • Wall Intercom – TOS
    • Tapestry – Night Scene
    • Console – TOS Table 01
    • Vase – TOS 01
    • Vase – TOS 02
    • Statue – TOS 01
    • Decor – TOS Jeep
    • Generator – TOS 01
    • Consoles – Federation TOS Ship 01
  • Added new NPC Groups:
    • Species M-113 – ground
    • Tholian EV Suit – ground
    • Tholian – space

Zero adds:

I don’t yet know how frequently I’ll be able to add stuff. Hope everyone agrees it’s better to release stuff in little bits and pieces rather than hold it all up and release it at once.

She also gives us more information on whether or not a mission qualifies for the Investigate Officer Reports:

There was an issue where the Journal incorrectly said that some didn’t qualify when they did–that was resolved and is on Holodeck as of today.

Every other mission I’ve checked (since the fix went live) legitimately didn’t qualify, whether because it lacked enough plays or because the average play time was too short…

Dropping absolutely doesn’t count. And if you don’t finish the mission, it’s not a completion time, so that wouldn’t count either.

There may be some other issue here, but it’s neither of those. We are investigating these reports, but as I said, I’ve checked the behind-the-scenes number for playtime and it has come up short on all the examples…

Average length of mission is not the only factor used in determining whether a mission qualifies…

I have said this elsewhere, but number of plays/reviews is one of the factors. I hope this is unsurprising, as it’s at least slightly more difficult to exploit this way.

Also, BranFlakes confirms that the devs are investigating music-related issues with the Foundry.

Last, but not least, a new round of spotlights have been added to the UI.  Congrats to these past spotlight winners.