Well, Now that we have the definitive word (NO! & NO NEVER!, & NO HELP AT ALL for YOU, but Thanx for the Testing) from the Cryptic Mouth-Piece regarding any kind of help in moving any type of content from Tribble to Holodeck when the Foundry goes live, Any interest in Mission work on Tribble has basically evaporated except for a hard-core base of users and those trying to get a handle on learning the tool-set.

While this was the Predictable Outcome from the Havraha Gambit, It presents Cryptic with an even worse scenario… Not only do they have to fix the Existing Bugs (good luck with that), but the newest additions that the Dev’s claim are coming that have yet to be tested.

There remains a very large chunk of objects, maps and functions that are currently missing from the current Foundry Build. There are also a great many functions not working properly. We are missing tons of dialogue contacts, costume options, interior ship maps and set pieces and various other things.

The problem the Dev’s seem to be encountering is download bandwidth and file sizes. It costs them a chunk of change to send out such a large amount of data and someone does not want to spend the $$$$$$. Many STO Users also have to pay for large amounts of Data and the costs can be a source of rage, frustration or just not possible for many people world-wide.

I believe this is going to create the Perfect Storm for Cryptic and the Foundry Release in two weeks. In my opinion, the Foundry is not ready for Prime Time on Holodeck in its current form and now there is little interest in putting in endless hours of worthless testing from the playerbase.

Not only will there be ZERO CONTENT (that is of the Finished and Polished Variety that requires weeks for players to create) available for the Foundry Release, but there will be an Un-Finished, Un-Tested Foundry released to the masses.

STO Players are Very Hard on the Best Content from Cryptic and have no tolerance for what we already know to exist – a system that is obviously unfinished, clunky to use, lacking in necessary features and filled with mostly useless objects and animations that don’t properly function.

While it’s obvious that Cryptic has it’s back against the wall with deadlines, file transfer size, testing and bug fixing – there is a great deal of anticipation from the player-base as a whole. This seems to be building up and is on a direct collision course with the Foundry Release.

We, the authors here at SBUGC, have been preparing for the hordes of un-washed masses getting ready to land on our shores once the Foundry does go live. I’d like to thank all the contributors to all the Tutorials and Wiki-work and the Pod-Cast.

The Dev’s have obviously abdicated any type of help for New Foundry Users to the volunteers that have put in countless hours to develop the knowledge to actually make missions that work.

If I was Khan, and Kelsoe’s Revenge was indeed best served COLD, I would be having Severe Technical Difficulties with the SBUGC site come Foundry Release Day. It’s called a Reckoning, and since the Dev’s feel like they don’t owe us anything for countless hours of testing, I feel like we don’t owe them anything either…

We sure don’t owe them for the time they spent to make transferring our missions just a little bit easier…

We don’t owe the people that told us we were wasting our time learning the Foundry.

So why should the accumulated knowledge of the beta-testers be just given away to those that either won’t help us out and just ignore us or those that claim we have wasted our time?

The Doors of the Ark were closed by the Hand of God and the Panicking Masses were Drowned in the Flood of God’s Wrath. And the Wickedness was Cleansed from the Earth.

While I just made that last part up for Dramatic Effect (I’m practicing for my mission dialogues), I’d like to make CLEAR – I AM NOT IN CHARGE OF THIS SITE, I AM NOT A HACKER, I WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO HARM THIS SITE OR DO ANY HARM IN ANY WAY, NOR DO I ADVOCATE ANY SUCH ACTION BY ANYONE FOR ANY REASON.

Sometimes, it’s enough just to know that we COULD do something, but CHOOSE NOT TO DO IT. We choose to help those that have scorned us instead of watching them drown. We choose to help those that refused us the help we asked for.

The reason is that, ultimately, we make our own Moral Choice – Where as Cryptic obviously has NO MORALS AT ALL… only a Corporate DOGMA that throws all dissenters under the bus and says it’s OUR WAY or your Family will Starve!

Wall of Text Critical Hit for XXXXXDamage to Cryptic Hull – Cryptic Hull Receives Zero Damage From Wall of Text(HACK/BAN)

I’d like to apologize to KirkFat and the rest of the official people here at the SBUGC Site. This opinion is not in any way associated with anyone but Myself
– Your humble author-
Napoleon BlownApart