Greetings True Believers! I wanted to share with you my plans for a new foundry contest I am calling “Secret Agents“!


secret agents logo


The dates have not yet been finalized, but I wanted to go ahead and let you know about it early so you could start formulating ideas and even building parts of the mission as you see fit.


The premise: In the Romulan Republic mission named “Mind Game“, you are captured by the Tal Shiar and they try to brainwash/recruit you into their ranks. The official story is that you resist and escape. But what if the official story was a lie? What if their brainwashing actually worked, or you willingly agreed to join their ranks? This is the premise of the “Secret Agents” contest. You create a story where you are playing as secret agent of the Tal Shiar in the Romulan Republic.


Of course every great contest has a great reward, and in case fame and foundry tips arent enough, the winner will also get a vintage 1997 Playmates Romulan Bird of Prey!


romulan bird of prey

*Please note this is a stock photo.


Now as mentioned above, the contest dates are not yet finalized. This is mainly due to an upcoming update of many new costumes, which I’m sure people will want to use in their missions. There was also recently a community map poll that resulted in several Romulan maps in the top 10 results, and Tumerboy/Tacofangs will hopefully be adding many of these in the near future. Due to this I do not yet want to put a hard date on when this contest will end, although I’m currently thinking towards the end of this year.


If you have any questions please reply to this post and look forward to more details in the future. In the mean time, start forming ideas for your mission, and lets all thank Zeroniusrex for the new costumes and Tumerboy/Tacofangs for the upcoming map additions!


PS: if anyone from Cryptic is reading this, please consider this humble request; since we cannot create official “romulan faction” foundry missions, please add a “Romulan” tag. That way people can at least easily search for any missions that were created specifically for Romulan players, such as this contests’s missions. Thanks =)